Ceremony Inspiration {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to include in your ceremony? Just can’t decide what to do? Well this post is for you!

I have shot over 100 weddings in the past 10 years and have seen many different ideas done many different ways! Your options are endless! The sky is the limit!

Start by thinking about what you and your hubby to be love. What are your interests? What hare your hobbies? What are your spiritual beliefs? Answering these questions can help you determine what to include in your ceremony. Below are some options.

Readings / Shared Scriptures / Songs either played or sung / Ring Blessing / Roses for those lost

Below are some of my favorite “mini/unity ceremonies” along with some photos, enjoy!

Have a question? Ask! Have an idea? Share in the comments below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Landon and Silvia choose to do a Wine Ceremony. They each selected a wine and poured them together, then they poured each other a glass and had their own personal toast. The pouring together of the wines signified unity.Letitia and Matt choose to do a rope tying ceremony. There was a reading and during that reading the pastor tied both their hands together with the rope. Again signifying unity.Stacy and Steve did a unity candle which most of you have probably seen and Christy and Monty did something I have never seen before! It was called the Hand Washing Ceremony. They washed and dried each others hands while a reading was read. This was meant to signify starting fresh with a clean slate, letting all old hurts go and moving forward with only their love. It was really beautiful!Chelsea and Sean did sand which again most of you have probably seen. This is my favorite!Or you can do something alive like Danielle and Brian. These two planted this plant together and will then plant it in their home. This is meant to signify unity and a long life ahead.Now what Debbi and Stephen did was real neat! You know those sticks that you break in half and they have a star core? Well they provided these sticks too all of their wedding guests and as a symbol of unity they all broke their individual sticks together. How cool is that!Being wrapped in a blanket together during a unity reading and writing love letters to one another to read at a later date are also great ideas!Sand is a great way to incorporate children!! Because you can do so many different colors and have several jars it really is unlimited on the amount of people that can be a part of this!
ย And last but certainly not least Taylor and Rawlyn decided to brand their own name sign! Also super neat!

Hopefully this post helped you!! If you have ideas or have seen something that I didn’t list please share in the comments below!! I’m always looking for new things and someone else may love your share! ๐Ÿ™‚


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