Jeff and Molly: Engaged!

Jeff and Molly. Where to start with this beautiful couple! They contacted me several months ago to shoot only their engagement session as their wedding isn’t until 2011, and they hadn’t set an actual date yet. I said of course! So one afternoon we traveled up to Viestenz-Smith Park to do their engagement portraits. It was a beautiful day and we had a fabulous time! Viestenz-Smith is one of my favorite places to shoot in the mountains. First of all it isn’t very far, it has the river, it has plenty of open space, a pond, pathways and trails and of course the mountains! If you’re not sure where to do your engagement portraits and you love the mountains then I highly recommend this location!

Jeff and Molly it was an absolute pleasure working with you guys!! I simply can’t wait for your wedding!  Now your date is set, you have your wedding location chosen and soon your photographer. Your off to a great start!!

(BTW their chosen wedding location is The Pinery at Black Forest, it is stunning, I can’t wait!)

Ok ok here are my favs:) Enjoy and leave a comment if you like!

I have this image in an 11×14 Canvas and oh my it is stunning!!

How lucky were we!!! To find their initials already carved into the tree so nicely!! It’s meant to be guys:)

I adore this image!

Of course we must show the ring some love!

Jeff and Molly are big football fans, so of course we had to toss one around a few times and Molly got the tackle:) You go girl!

Molly your eyes are amazing! They are sooo blue and with Jeff’s shirt ah I LOVE this image!!

Again it was an absolute pleasure working with you guys! Can’t wait for your big day! If you need any help planning don’t hesitate to ask!

April 25, 2010 - 5:35 pm

Sarah Lee - Aw thanks Jeff!! I had a blast with you guys as well and I can’t wait for your wedding too!! Sounds great I’ll have that canvas waiting, you’re going to love it!!

April 19, 2010 - 8:56 pm

Jeff - Sarah, first of all it was a blast shooting with you! Molly and I had so much fun and felt incredibly comfortable the whole time! We can’t wait to have you at our wedding and are very excited to get to see the fantastic pictures that we know are to come.

PS – We might just have to take a look at that 11×14 canvas when we are up there booking the wedding with you!

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