Krista and Jarod Engagement {Colorado Engagement Photographer}

It was a gorgeous day up in Estes Park, slightly chilly, we saw a few sprinkles, both rain and snow (that’s the average day in Estes lol!) but overall we were blessed! I have always used Mapquest to map out my locations and this is the day that finally ruined that! Have you ever printed your directions and it says slight right here when it’s really a left turn or keep going straight here when it’s really that slight right? Yea, that’s Mapquest for you!! Unfortunately Mapquest did this to us this day, getting us lost on the way to our first location! Thank God for GPS on my phone, we were able to get it pulled up and managed to get there in a relatively timely manner!

So thankful we did finally arrive as the barn and location we used was just stunning! Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy! 🙂

Don’t you just love Krista’s boots? So cute!

Krista had brought liquid chalk to write their date on the bottom of their shoes like so but unfortunately it just wouldn’t work. Fortunately I was able to add the date in post and get virtually the same effect! 🙂

Just LOVE this shot!!!

Krista and Jarod thank you for your patience during our slightly rocky start!! I had a blast with you guys and am so excited for your big day! 🙂


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