Megan and Robbie’s Gorgeous Estes Park Wedding {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

It was a crisp chilly morning up in Estes Park with low lying clouds dusting the tips of twin owls. You could see your breath and feel the tingle of winter on your skin. All the while I felt a sense of excitement that was I’m sure no match for Megan and Robbies! Today was the day they had been dreaming about. The day they spent so much time planning for. The day where they could finally become man and wife. The day they had both been anxiously waiting for. And even though it was a wee bit chilly we all made it work and made an amazing day out of it!!

Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy! 🙂

Megan was so proud of her homemade shoes! And as she should they were gorgeous!! She even made some flats for the reception!First thing Megan said to me when I arrived was can we please hang my dress outside in a tree? I was thrilled! I have always wanted to do this and finally got my chance!Isn’t she precious!!Stunning!Check out them guns!!Robbie met Megan half way down the aisle and then they proceeded the rest of the way together it was so very sweet!! If you’re a bride who is planning on walking down by yourself consider this route. It was really beautiful!Their ceremony was held at Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park Co. Such a gorgeous venue!!
Awww!What a moment!Haha! Smart bridesmaids!! Wearing sweats underneath their dresses to stay warm!Rawr!Could they be any cuter?!?! And poor Megan she was FREEZING!! Props to her as you can’t even tell!!So cute when Robbie was warming her hands with his breath! Now that’s a good husband!Their reception was held at the Hilton in Ft Collins, they sure can put on a nice wedding!LOVE reception group shots! I always time these out to take place right after your specialty dances and just before your open dancing begins, that way you have everyone out on the floor! And then I work with the DJ to play a great classic dance song first that everyone will love. This starts your dance party off with a bang!Megan and Robbie provided all of the photo booth props and then Mindy, my associate photographer, dedicated some time throughout the evening just for this. We got some really awesome and hysterical results! 🙂Congratulations Megan and Robbie!! It was such an honor sharing and photographing your most special day!! We wish you both all the happiness that life has to offer! And some gorgeous babies!! 🙂

Some of the vendors that made this wedding amazing are:

Forever Flowers         Hilton Ft Collins        Black Canyon Inn             Al’s Formal Wear           Sounds of the Rockies           Helzberg Diamonds


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