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Love Month Special {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

This time of year there are millions of people around the world planning their proposals and weddings, you can feel all the love in the air. I am so excited for you all!! A romantic picnic in the mountains, a fancy dinner date or even cozied up in bed at home, wherever you are when you pop that question I pray you have the best and most joyous moment of your life (to date)!! After you’ve relished in eachothers love for a spell I hope you will consider contacting me to help with your wedding. I have TONS of experience, from of course photography in all aspects, to planning & coordination, floral design, attire and decor styling, pretty much anything you need help with I can help in some way. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your whole lives and I would love the opportunity to work together with you to make it incredible!

All lovely couples that book their wedding with me during Love Month (February) will receive a complimentary 16×24 Fine Art Wood Plaque or Canvas! Use the contact button above to schedule your consultation today!

Enjoy a few of last years favorites below and I so look forward to hearing from you!


Sarah Lee



Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

Settled back in the thick trees of the rocky mountains sits the exquisite and most romantic place in Colorado. There’s breathtaking views, serene privacy, and the chateau itself is incredible! I worked with Pilar’s family several years ago for one of their daughter’s senior portraits and when they contacted me for their other daughter’s wedding at Della Terra I was just thrilled!! One because I truly cherish repeat clients, and two because Della Terra is one of my most favorite places to be. It’s a place that gives that romantic fairy tale wedding a girl always dreams about. 🙂

Chance & Miranda it’s always such a pleasure working with you and your family!!! I am so excited to see what all unfolds for you guys next and I wish you all the happiness of 100 lifetimes!

Here are some of my favorites, enjoy your story!

1-CM Della Terra WeddingOh Della Terra could you be any more lovely!2-CM Della Terra Wedding3-CM Della Terra Wedding4-CM Della Terra Wedding5-CM Della Terra Wedding6-CM Della Terra Wedding7-CM Della Terra Wedding8-CM Della Terra Wedding9-CM Della Terra Wedding10-CM Della Terra WeddingHi mom! And waterworks! You’re so cute Pilar!11-CM Della Terra WeddingNot too shabby for a photog lace up! In my line of work it is so beneficial to my clients for me to be able to multi task and handle any task that arises!12-CM Della Terra Wedding13-CM Della Terra Wedding14-CM Della Terra Wedding15-CM Della Terra Wedding16-CM Della Terra Wedding17-CM Della Terra Wedding18-CM Della Terra Wedding19-CM Della Terra Wedding20-CM Della Terra WeddingNo peek first looks are a fun anticipation builder if you don’t want to see each other but still want something unique!21-CM Della Terra Wedding22-CM Della Terra WeddingGobble gobble!23-CM Della Terra Wedding24-CM Della Terra Wedding25-CM Della Terra Wedding26-CM Della Terra Wedding27-CM Della Terra Wedding28-CM Della Terra Wedding29-CM Della Terra Wedding30-CM Della Terra WeddingOh man!! Can’t beat that!! Miranda you are truly a princess and look at how excited Chance was?! Oh be still my heart!31-CM Della Terra Wedding32-CM Della Terra Wedding33-CM Della Terra Wedding34-CM Della Terra Wedding35-CM Della Terra Wedding36-CM Della Terra Wedding37-CM Della Terra Wedding38-CM Della Terra WeddingMcGregor Mountain never disappoints!39-CM Della Terra WeddingOh that compression though!40-CM Della Terra Wedding41-CM Della Terra Wedding42-CM Della Terra Wedding43-CM Della Terra Wedding44-CM Della Terra Wedding45-CM Della Terra WeddingWow what a first kiss shot!! That would be a plaque on my wall!46-CM Della Terra WeddingBest moment ever!47-CM Della Terra Wedding48-CM Della Terra Wedding49-CM Della Terra WeddingSome quick family candids after the ceremony. All throughout ones day I try and grab as many of these as possible benefiting you and your guests!50-CM Della Terra WeddingMr & Mrs!! Cheers!51-CM Della Terra WeddingOh just glorious!52-CM Della Terra Wedding53-CM Della Terra WeddingGorgeous!54-CM Della Terra Wedding55-CM Della Terra Wedding56-CM Della Terra WeddingPoor little Kelbran, it was so chilly, he was so tired, but still such a cutie!! And man what a backdrop!57-CM Della Terra Wedding58-CM Della Terra Wedding59-CM Della Terra Wedding60-CM Della Terra Wedding61-CM Della Terra Wedding62-CM Della Terra Wedding63-CM Della Terra Wedding64-CM Della Terra Wedding65-CM Della Terra WeddingWe had a visitor!66-CM Della Terra WeddingWhat a stunning bridal party! I love the bits of scatter snow!67-CM Della Terra Wedding68-CM Della Terra Wedding69-CM Della Terra Wedding70-CM Della Terra Wedding71-CM Della Terra WeddingGosh you two!!72-CM Della Terra WeddingAnd who’s dad bustles their dress?! So awesome! 73-CM Della Terra Wedding74-CM Della Terra Wedding75-CM Della Terra Wedding76-CM Della Terra WeddingDella Terra is truly one of the most romantic spots in all of Colorado in my opinion. Whether you want to just stay or have your wedding I recommend doing so at least once in your life!!77-CM Della Terra Wedding78-CM Della Terra Wedding79-CM Della Terra WeddingIt’s all in the details!80-CM Della Terra Wedding81-CM Della Terra WeddingColorado Rose Cake Co also never disappoints!82-CM Della Terra Wedding83-CM Della Terra Wedding84-CM Della Terra Wedding85-CM Della Terra Wedding86-CM Della Terra Wedding87-CM Della Terra Wedding88-CM Della Terra Wedding89-CM Della Terra WeddingKelbran!90-CM Della Terra Wedding91-CM Della Terra Wedding92-CM Della Terra Wedding93-CM Della Terra Wedding94-CM Della Terra Wedding95-CM Della Terra Wedding96-CM Della Terra Wedding97-CM Della Terra WeddingSo many sweet moments!! I love venues with great light and my canon bodies are just stellar with that ISO! Though I am dying for another Mark III!98-CM Della Terra Wedding99-CM Della Terra Wedding100-CM Della Terra Wedding101-CM Della Terra Wedding102-CM Della Terra Wedding103-CM Della Terra Wedding104-CM Della Terra Wedding105-CM Della Terra Wedding106-CM Della Terra Wedding107-CM Della Terra Wedding108-CM Della Terra Wedding109-CM Della Terra Wedding<3110-CM Della Terra Wedding112-CM Della Terra Wedding113-CM Della Terra Wedding114-CM Della Terra Wedding115-CM Della Terra Wedding116-CM Della Terra Wedding117-CM Della Terra Wedding118-CM Della Terra Wedding119-CM Della Terra Wedding120-CM Della Terra Wedding121-CM Della Terra WeddingLove me some sunset portraits under my umbrella!122-CM Della Terra Wedding123-CM Della Terra Wedding124-CM Della Terra Wedding125-CM Della Terra Wedding126-CM Della Terra Wedding127-CM Della Terra Wedding128-CM Della Terra Wedding129-CM Della Terra Wedding130-CM Della Terra Wedding131-CM Della Terra Wedding132-CM Della Terra WeddingSmore bar for late night treats!133-CM Della Terra WeddingDancing the night away!134-CM Della Terra Wedding135-CM Della Terra Wedding

Some of this fabulous wedding was put together by the following amazing vendors:

Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Caterer (apps, dinner and smore bar) –  Carter’s Creative Catering

Officiant – Family Friend

Cake – Colorado Rose Cake Co

Florist – Vicki’s Flowers

Rings – Kay Jewlers

Horse & Carriage – Colorado Carriage & Wagon

Videographer – Cinematique & Continuity Image

Hair/Makeup – Brides by Jeanice

All Attire – Amanda’s Bridal and Tux

DJ – Mile High Music Patrol

Photographer – Sarah Lee Welch Photography LLC

2nd Photographer – Larissa Elizabeth Photography

Well you made it! Haha that was a long one! If you loved what you saw use the contact link above and tell me your story! I am currently booking 2016 & 2017 Weddings & Portraits and would love to hear from you! xoxo

Sarah Lee

January 26, 2016 - 2:23 pm

Sarah Lee - My pleasure hun!! Always makes my heart so happy to hear that and photograph yall! xoxo 🙂

January 26, 2016 - 10:58 am

Miranda - Aww Sarah this is awesome! Thank you for blogging our wedding! It’s always a pleasure working with you, and we will always be repeat clients! Thank you for all of the hard work that you do!