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New Equipment Again!

So as the title states I have purchased some new equipment again! I finally decided to upgrade my lenses. The benifit? I can now shoot freely in low light conditions without having to use flash! I am so excited! I got 3 new lenses as follows: Canon 24-70mmL F2.8, Canon 70-200mmL F2.8, and Canon 50mm F1.4. So far I have used the 24-70 and I am very anxious to use the others at my 2 weddings this month.

Here are some images from some very good friends of mine with my new glass. Enjoy!


2009 Here I Come!

Hi everyone and thanks for joining me today on my blog! I have an announcement to make and I think yall are going to love it! First there is the confession. I do not love my wedding packages. So with that said my announcement is that I have remodeled all of my packages! Woohoo! I came to the realization that I really dislike not covering an entire wedding, I always feel as if I will miss something. If I am not booked for the whole day I either end up staying anyway or missing out, so therefore I now offer up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage with EVERY package! I also think that engagement sessions are very important and fun so therefore I now offer those with EVERY package! I will also now be using Asuka Books along with Nations and Tuscany for my albums. I know there is a lot of changes here but hey the world is full of changes right now so I thought it would be a good time. I would love to get some feedback on what you think about these changes. What do you love and what do you hate? You can view all the changes in the pricing section on my website.

Have a great day!