Sammie and Joel’s Loveland Wedding

Let me start by saying that Sammie and Joel are one of the cutest couples ever! It was a true pleasure to meet them and to share their special day! From the pre ceremony prayers, the tear jerking ceremony, the awesome formals and the rocking reception this was definitely a wedding to remember!

What I love most about each wedding I photograph is all the LOVE! With Sammie and Joel you know just by looking at them that they are completely in love! And they both have big families that love them as well as a ton of friends! It makes me very happy to see a couple so very blessed to have found one another and the oppurtunity to share life together! With God at the head of their lives I know that they will be one of those couples that you think “Hey that’s what I want!”

Here’s a few of my favs:)

Sammie’s dress and accessories were just gorgeous!! I love the mermaid style dresses!

The girls had a ball getting ready!

The prayers before the ceremony were so special even I was tearing up!

This was a NO Flash ceremony, thank goodness I can shoot in ANY kind of light!

Finally! The moment they’ve been waiting for!

Huge family!! For church ceremonies I HIGHLY recommend that we move to a separate location for the formal portraits! Although churches are yes very beautiful and a sacred place to be there is always lots of distractions. 

Sammie and Joel took my advice:) After the ceremony we headed over to Namaqua Park to finish off the formal portraits before heading to their reception. Aren’t they just adorable!?!?


It is wonderful when my clients bring their natural spunk into their photos!

Are we a bit shy? Nah just confindent! 🙂

What a gorgeous bridal party!

And you know me and laying on the ground:) Must get those perspective shots!

And you know me and feet:)

Sammie and Joel had their reception at the beautiful Garden Room in Loveland! This place is a bit hard to find but totally worth it when you do!

What a gorgeous cake!! My friend Teri at Slice the Designer Cake Studio did a fabulous job!

Ring shots!

Oh so lovely!

I expected this to be nice and sweet but I should have know better with Sammie’s spunk that it would get a little wild!

The First Dance-Let me say that these guys are fabulous dancers!

Dancing with Dad such a special moment!

And with Mom:)

Now let’s get this party started!!

This friend of the groom is a dance instructor and happily gave the guests a little Salsa 101.

And we got wild!

So fierce!! LOVE it!

Is that not an awesome boquet toss shot or what!?!? I love it!

Must get the garter!

Their last dance of the evening was awesome! Full of laughs and love!

Then of course everyone joined in!

Awww!! My heart flutters!

Sparklers are super fun and pretty but they can be dangerous! Pleae be careful, check and make sure it is ok with your venue and please tell your photographer you are doing this!

And they’re off!

Congratulations Sammie and Joel! It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys I wish you a lifetime of happiness!! God Bless!

The following vendors helped make this wedding awesome!

The Garden Room             Slice the Designer Cake Studio              Faith Church           And me! 🙂          And many more!


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