To Peek or Not To Peek? {International Wedding Photographer}

You’re at a cross roads. It’s your wedding day, the day you get to marry your soulmate. You’ve been waiting a lifetime for this day. Should you see each other before your ceremony or at your ceremony? You can’t decide, should you have a First Look or not? What to do what to do. Well I say follow your heart!! There is no wrong way and many great reasons for all options! In my opinion a great compromise is a No Peek First Look!! You still get something a bit extra special but at the same time you get to keep the tradition of not actually seeing one another until your ceremony.

There are millions of ways you can go about doing what I like to call No Peek First Looks and the more creative you get the cuter your images will be! Holding hands on either side of a door, using reflections/landings and the like, reading notes to one another at the corner of a building, exchanging gifts in a secret fashion, standing back to back blindfolded (imagine feeling your one and only but NOT yet being able to see them, eek! :), these are just a few options, really anything is doable!

These moments create anticipation, provide excellent photo ops and make cherished memories for you!! Win, win, win! 🙂

Here’s a recent favorite. This sweet was couple renewing their vows and has been married for 50 years!! The love!! So incredible! 

January 26, 2017 - 10:25 am

Michele with one L - Wow — epic location and what a gorgeous, fun, and in-love couple!! You captured the day beautifully!

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