Vote to help us win a $250K grant!

Chase and Living Social have teamed up to help the world of Small Business, between the two they will be giving out up to 12 indivudual grants of $250K each!

As a small business I have most certainly applied for this grant and I need all of your help!! In order to be considered I MUST receive a minimum of 250 votes by June 30th 2012. If I receive enough votes in the elotted time I will then be submitted for approval. At that point a team of business professionals will review all applicatants and select up 12 winners.

Oh what I would give to be one of those winners!!! Receiving this grant would mean the world to both myself and my company! With these funds I would be able to move forward with my plans of opening a Boutique Studio and ultimately add wedding planning to my services offered. Of course if I win this grant it certainly wouldn’t be just for me! Think about how the community would benefit as well as other small businesses. I believe that we are all a team whether we are photographers, planners, CPA’s or anything else, Small Businesses are what makes this country! And I feel it’s my duty to help others as much as myself:)

So you want to vote? Thank you so much! 🙂 Simply follow the steps below:

Go to

-Scroll down and select Log In & Support on the right hand side

-Let it connect with your Facebook (I know I hate doing that too but it’s ok for this I promise 🙂 )

*If you’re already logged into facebook it may skip the above two steps*

-Scoll down and type Sarah Lee Welch Photography in the business name box on the left

-Click search on the right and my company should pop right up below the search box

-If so click Vote on the right and then share your vote on Facebook!!

Thank you soooooooo very much for all of your time and efforts, now let’s win!! Course we have to have a photo, here’s a recent favorite, enjoy!


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