Anne and Ryan are Engaged!

Anne and Ryan are from Kansas but are having their wedding at Stonebrook Manor in Thornton Co. I simply can’t wait for several reasons 1) I have yet to photograph at Stonebrook and am very excited! 2) Anne and Ryan are such sweethearts I can’t wait to see them all dolled up! 3) And it was such a pleasure to photograph them for their engagment session I can only imagine how much fun we’re going to have on their wedding day! We decided to do their engagement session at Viestenz-Smith Park (this is like my all time favorite place to shoot and everyone loves it!).

So off we went, we had a blast and got some fantastic images to boot! Here are my faves, enjoy!

Unfortunately we couldn’t find their initials in the Aspens:( Still got a great shot though!

What does this remind you of? 🙂

Gotta love those tulips!!

You 2 have such spunk I love it!

This is one of my new fav shots! Kuddos to Stacy Reeves for the inspiration!

You guys are such perfect naturals! Great shot!:)

Vintage rings on purple flowers seriously makes my mouth water……so beautiful!!

This shot was sooo hard to get!! The wind was blowing I had to hold the branch still while trying to take the shot and not loose Anne’s ring! So worth it though!!

Anne and Ryan thank you guys for such a wonderful session! I had an absolute blast with you 2!! And yes again I can’t wait for your wedding!!

May 13, 2010 - 8:31 am

Sarah Lee - Aw thanks guys!! Sorry to make it hard to decide but I am glad that you love them all!:)

May 12, 2010 - 8:46 pm

Ryan and Anne - Thank you so much for all the hardwork you did! We love everyone of them and now you made it hard for us to choose which one to use! Your absolutely amazing at what you do, and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!!! Thanks again, times a million!!!

Ryan and Anne!

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