Bye Bye 2011 and Hello 2012!!

First off I must say what an amazing year!!! 2011 was our busiest year yet with 28 weddings and numerous portrait sessions, we got some seriously amazing images! I sincerely appreciate and love all of my wonderful clients, thank you for your help in making this our best year yet! For those of you who are new to SLWP welcome to the family! We look forward to covering all of your memories! To all of my returning clients THANK YOU!! We appreciate your loyalty and trust!! I so enjoy seeing my clients again and again as I cover different aspects of their lives and I know they enjoy not having to find a new photographer every time a new memory needs preserved.

For 2012 and on I have decided that in order to preserve my sanity and continue to give each one of my clients 150% of my best we will only be taking on a maximum of 20 weddings per year. With this plan there will be some additional time that will allow me to work more closely with each of my clients while getting to know them even better and helping to plan their weddings.  With my experience and knowledge of the photographic and wedding industry I will be a great value to you! And the more involved I am the closer we will get which will result in a much more relaxed atmosphere and even more gorgeous images!!

Now most of you probably participated in or at least saw my 2011 Favorite Photo Contest on Facebook. Let me first say that it was soooooo hard selecting those images!! I had literally hundreds of favorite images from last year and really had to just pick a few! The everything BUT weddings part of the contest is over and you can see the winners and their prizes here. The Weddings part of the contest has been broken into 2 parts and part 1 is open for voting now! To vote and see contestants click here. I am so excited for this contest as weddings are my specialty as well as my favorite! I thought selecting favorites for Part 1 of the contest was hard but this is turning out to be way harder!! There are just so many images that I love it’s almost impossible to pick just a few! But we will manage and you may follow and Like SLWP on facebook to see the latest!

Again I thank you all so much for your continued support and love for SLWP! Most of all I thank God for giving me this wonderful talent to share with the world!! I am so looking forward to where life takes SLWP in the coming year!

And of course we can’t have a post without images so without further babbling from me 😉 here are some of my 2011 Favorites! Enjoy! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed browsing some of my favorites!! Now that collection of favorites did NOT include any Wedding images! There are a few Rock the Dress images but no Weddings. Watch my blog for a separate post just for Wedding Favorites! 🙂






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