Kara and Justin’s Gorgeous Rock the Dress

Well let me start by saying this session was AMAZING!!!

I met Kara and Justin last spring and just knew that they would be an awesome couple to work with! We chatted about their wedding wants, desires and dreams and then Kara metions that she want to do a Rock the Dress session. I sooo LOVE it when I hear those words as these sessions are by far my favorite!! The wedding was amazing as was this session!

We decided to go to a ranch in Boulder with their horses and their dalmation. With that stunning setting and of course the beautiful bride and groom with their pets and a river how could we go wrong?

Here are my favs…….enjoy!

I adore both of these!

So cute!! These sessions are a great way to incorporate your pets if you can’t or don’t want to on your wedding day!

I love the way she just put her paw right on Kara!!

Gosh you two are so gorgeous!!

And of course the details! I LOVED how Kara’s dress was very fitted on the underneath layer but then flowed out with the lace! Great choice Kara, you’re a stunning bride!

I love this one!


So serious!

This image worked great for a filler in their album!

I couldn’t believe this tree!!! Just wow!

And yes we decided to get wet!!

Oh this is going to make an AWESOME canvas!

And my ALL TIME favorite image to date!! I love the angle, detail, water really just everything about it!

And after such an awesome session we managed to stay pretty clean!! Kara will wash her dress and it will be good as new! If you don’t already know I am a HUGE fan of Rocking one’s dress not Trashing it:)

Kara and Justin’s wedding coming soon!

Already married and want to Rock your Dress?? It’s never to late! Let’s find an awesome spot and get it done! 🙂


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