The Grandchildren…..

Oh how I so look forward to having my own brood of grandchildren! Oh yes I know I have many years to wait but I can still be excited about it! I suppose part of that comes from having 3 of the best grandmas in the whole world!

Here are four of the cutest grandkids ever! Linda (their grandma) commissioned me to do a session with her grandchildren. She was adament on having no posed shots, strictly candid, which I normally do a bit of both, so needless to say when I did try to pose these kiddos they didn’t like it much! But I sure got some cute expressions out of them! Doing a session of this nature was sooo much fun and it was a great learning experience too! I can’t wait for my next set of kiddos!

Here are my favs, enjoy!

Poor thing, the day before she fell and hit her knose so bad she had to go to the ER! Luckily she is obviously ok and I was able to clean her scuffs:)

I wasn’t wanting a grumpy face for this shot but I kept my mouth shut and ended up with a stellar shot!

So cute!!

Again so cute!!

When posing children one must make do:) I thoght I made do very well with this one!

He is a Knitter, totally loves it, so of course we had to capture that!

Thank you Linda for inviting me into your lives to capture your memories, it was a pleasure! I so look forward to photographing your grandchildren again!


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